Liquid Rubber products cover a wide range of residential applications for both the contractor and do-it-yourself handyman. Our protective coatings offer basic black and decorative options that will help you with your waterproofing, corrosion and abrasion needs in an affordable and effective way.


Commercial buildings benefit greatly from the Liquid Rubber’s high performance, environmentally friendly coatings from the foundation to the roof. Our protective coatings can be cold applied, quickly and safely over most substrates to provide excellent protection against water, fire and corrosion.


Liquid Rubber products provide chemical and abrasion protection that sets a new standard for liners, in addition to more tradition roofing and foundation applications. Liquid Rubber also offers a new anti-slip, protective coating for factory floors and walkways that will extend the life of the floor and to the safety of workers.


Liquid Rubber products are extremely suitable for the highly corrosive environment and strict water and fire requirements within most mining facilities. The anti-corrosion, waterproofing, fire and chemical resistant characteristics make Liquid Rubber products perfect for applications ranging from metal protection to tank liners to floor coatings.


The versatility of Liquid Rubber products allow for solutions for the marine industry that are unparalleled. Instant setting, corrosion and chemical resistant coatings offering excellent waterproofing features can be applied across many facets of the marine environment extending the life of structures and facilities while creating a safer and more efficient workplace.


Liquid Rubber products have been proven as one of the foremost waste containment liners in the marketplace today. Agricultural professionals continue to find new uses for Liquid Rubber products across their facilities protecting against harsh chemical environments, fire, water and corrosion.

Civil Engineering

Liquid Rubber products excel as a waterproofing and corrosion protection membrane in many civil engineering applications. Bridges, tunnels, and dams are among the few applications that benefit from the high performance, flexible waterproof membrane that is easy and safely applied in projects worldwide.

RVs and Autos

The overwhelming demand for reliable, cost effective protective coatings for the RV and auto industry has allowed Liquid Rubber to offer long awaited solutions. Decorative waterproof coatings for RVs and abrasive resistant coating for truck bed liners are a few of the ideal applications for Liquid Rubber products.